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Two new Brown records Two new brown trout records have been broken on the Great Lakes . One on Lake Ontario and the other on Lake Michigan.

brown trout Tony Brown with his 33lb 2ounce New York state record brown trout

Lake Ontario- New York

On Tuesday , June 10 in Lake Ontario off the shore of Oswego County near New Haven angler Tony Brown of Schenectady caught the male brown trout in 24 feet of water between Pleasant Point and Nine Mile Point at around 9 a.m. The brown trout was 38 inches long with a girth of 25 inches. It weighed in at 33-pounds, 2-ounces, beating the previous record set in 1993 by more than two pounds. The old record was also set in Oswego County.

Brown caught his record brown trout on a black and silver Smithwick Rogue lure. He and his father Tom were fishing with Captain Gerry Bresadola and First Mate Dennis Frank of B&B Charters, Mexico. Brown used 8-pound test line with a 6-pound leader, and a custom noodle rod made by Ernie Lantiegne of Mexico.

The fish was weighed at Salmon Country Marina at Mexico Point on certified scales. The weighing was witnessed by Bill Kozielic of Witch Charters. The brown trout is now on ice awaiting confirmation of the record by a biologist from the State Department of Environmental Conservation.

brown trout We are waiting for a photo of the IL fish

Illinois fisheries biologist Tom Trudeau said scale samples of the Illinois fish showed that both Paolinetti fish and the new 36lb 11 ounce IL record indicate both were 6 years old--``which I think is an amazing growth rate".

Lake Michigan-- Illinois

On Sunday June 22, just a month after shore angler Manny Paolinetti boated a state-record 30lb-pounder from the Waukegan rocks, Deva Vranek of Palos Hills shattered that record on Sunday with a monster 36-pound-11 1/2-ounce fish caught five miles off Burnham Harbor southwest of the P-marker.

Not having a cooler big enough to hold the fish, Vranek tied the brown to the net, then tied the net to the back of the boat with mooring lines and hauled it in." It may have lost a little weight en route.'' , said Vranek, " we were fishing for coho and never expected to haul in a fish this big".

The brown was 40 1/4-inch long with a 26 5/8 inches girth.

Vranek was trolling in 48 feet of water with essentially bass gear--a 6-foot spinning rod, a deep-diving Arbogast blue and green crankbait and 20-pound Fireline.

``It's an amazing fish ,'' said fisheries biologist Tom Trudeau, it's interesting to me that anglers are catching these fish, especially because browns are not targeted too often ". Trudeau said scale samples showed that both Paolinetti fish and the new record indicate both were 6 years old--``which I think is an amazing growth rate".

MI Governor declares War

Engler's goal is to reduce the lamprey population by 85 percent over the next five years.

Michigan's governor has declared ``war'' on the sea lamprey, whose parasitic ways threaten to destroy sport fishing in at least two of the Great Lakes.

Gov. John Engler is challenging the federal government, Canada and other Great Lakes states to match his $1 million commitment to attack the 350,000 new lampreys entering Lake Huron every year.

The sea lamprey is an agressive parasite--equipped with a tooth-filled mouth that flares open at the end of its eel-like body. When attacking, the lamprey fastens onto its prey and rasps out a hole with its rough tongue. An anticoagulant in the lamprey's saliva keeps the wound open for hours or weeks, until the lamprey is satiated or the host fish dies.

sea lamprey

Engler's battle plan announced today also includes an $18 million proposal to upgrade state fish hatcheries to improve the quantity and quality of fish that the lampreys destroy.

Targeted hatcheries are in Petoskey, Traverse City, Marquette, Thompson, Harrietta and Wolf Lake.

Traps and chemicals have been used to fight lampreys in the St. Mary's and other rivers where they spawn, but experts say a larger effort is needed to stop them.

Engler's goal is to reduce the lamprey population by 85 percent over the next five years. go to last week's news

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