Great Lakes Sport

Fishermen, Inc.

P.O.Box 1322

Escanaba, MI 49829




President:  Tom Polkey

External VP:  Mike Verhamme

Internal VP: Jalene Polkey

Treasurer, Neil Armatti

Secretary, C. Dave Westerberg


Dedicated to the improvement of sport fishing opportunities in the Delta County area.


Our sports fishing club is very involved with kidsí activities in Delta County all year.  We are part of the National Forest Service Camp 7 Kidsí Day in June and have a crew of volunteers that do the cooking and serving of the food at this event.  We also are a major contributor for prizes for the children.


We have our fish pond at the 4th of July celebration in Gladstone for the children to enjoy catching a fish while celebrating the 4th.


The club holds a kidsí fishing derby in Fairport on the tip of the Garden Peninsula for children on the east side of our County.  A free lunch of Viauís Supermarket hot dogs, pop and chips is enjoyed by everyone.  For the last three years, every child entered has won a prize!


In late July we hold a Kidsí Derby in the Escanaba Yacht Harbor, again we supply Viauís Supermarket hot dogs, chips and pop for free!


Gladstone Kidsí Derby is held in conjunction with our Wal-Mart Bays Classic Walleye Derby.  Great prizes and again free lunches are provided.


The 4th Saturday in September is National Hunt & Fish Day celebration at the Great Lakes Sport and Recreation Club in Escanaba.  The club sets up our fish pond and the kids are lined up to fish all day.  We are also a major contributor for all the prizes for this event.


The club holds several fishing contests during the year, starting with our Perch Derby in May.  Next is the Early Bird Walleye Derby in June, followed by the Salmon Derby in July at Fairport.  A Bass Tournament is held at Nahma in July also.  The Bays Classic is in August and the final Walleye Tournament is the Last Chance held in September.


The club leases land from Plumb Creek for our walleye rearing pond which is named the Peterson Pond.  We pay for all maintenance and supplies that this pond requires.  Fertilizer, a big cost item, is added to the water for plankton growth.  When the walleye eggs hatch the very little hatchlings are planted into the pond.  Care is taken to monitor the water and test for the proper amount of plankton for the walleye to feed on.  Approximately six weeks after planting, the fingerling walleye are netted from the pond and planted in our Bays and other lakes in Delta County.


This club is also actively involved with the Michigan DNR Fishery Division, helping them form computer models for planting, netting and egg take in the spring, serving on DNR Committees and advising on sport fishing issues in Delta County.


This club is a Delta County only organization and we actively promote our County!


For membership information contact:  C. Dave Westerberg - [email protected]


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Meeting Location:   

We meet the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm

Great Lakes Sports and Recreation Club

5211 19th Avenue North

Escanaba, MI  49829 - Please Join Us!



Membership is $20.00 per year for Adults, $10.00 for seniors over 55


Activities: For Schedule of Activities: Please email C. Dave Westerberg - [email protected]

Club activities have included the building of Walleye rearing ponds. Free Ice Derbies for kids, joint projects with Boy Scouts, summer youth activities. They partner on many local tournaments.


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