Thumb Area Charterboat Association


                      No.1 Pike Blvd.

                  Port Austin, Mi 48467                                       [email protected]




             Jerry Lawrence - President  - 989-428-4937 voice/fax

                Craig Burch - Vice President - 989-728-6962

                Carol Crake - Sec/Treas. -  989-738-5665


Goals of the Association

To secure continued fish plants through cooperation with the DNR's Fishery Div. and work with the State Waterways Commission to help secure additional dockage and improved harbor facilities. The Assoc. has made a commitment to promote the communities in the Thumb Area by furnishing weekly fish reports from each thumb port, that are broadcast and distributed to the print media.


We are an Association which consists of 25 Charter fishing boats, 6 Dive boats and 1 Perch party boat.



Meeting Location:                                                                               Dues:

                                   Captain Morgans Resort                                $125.00 includes

                                   Grindstone City, MI                                           admission to our   

                                   May- 2nd Sat. & August- 3rd Sat.                  Drug Program



                  We have an annual Kids day on the Wed. following the 4th of July. We usually have 12 to 14 boats donate a 1/2 day charter for the kids and their guardian. We start them off around 6:00am with milk, juice and donuts all donated by local merchants. Then its time for fishing, and we usually are back at the dock by 11:00 am. Each kid is presented with a bag of donated goodies, Putt-Putt, Ice Cream, Canoe Rides, Horse Back Rides, Go Cart Rides and everyone is invited to a local eatery all donated by the local merchants. The night before the trip the kids and their guardians are furnished with a room in Port Austin all donated. The Port Austin Chamber of Commerce helps to provide the kids with an enjoyable day.

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