Western Basin   

Charter Boat Association

12250 S. Dixie Hwy

LaSalle,  Michigan 48145


                            www.charterwalleye.com              Email- W.B.C.B.A. 



               Captain Don Dietz - President

                   Captain Bruce Bronner - Vice President

                   Captain Ron Miskol - Secretary / Treasurer


Board of Director:  Captains:

                                               M. Knofski, B. Shellman, J.Ulrich,G.Satterfield,  

                                               E. Walline, G. Runyon, T. Kozup, K. DeForge    




The WBCBA is an organization born from a meeting of charter captains operating out of the Michigan water of Lake Erie in 1982. The founding members recognized the need for co-operation to help promote the recovery of walleye fishing in Lake Erie. After years of neglect, the WBCBA wanted to promote stewardship and proper management of the lake they so dearly loved.


The Western Basin Charter Boat Association is a group of professional fishermen who want to make a difference in the trade that they love, and benefit the natural resources that Lake Erie provides to all that enjoy it every year. We offer a host of services to our members including obtaining product discounts with certain vendors, a federal-mandated drug screening program, as well as social functions.



Meeting Location:

                                  Board Meetings are when we can get together.

                                  Annual Meeting is the 1st Saturday in December at a location TBA.



                   Outdoor Shows

                   Club Tournaments

                   Fishing Seminars

                   Activities to promote Kids to fish

                   Wish For Fish Tournament

                   Fishing Tournaments

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