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An Association of professional Charter Captains with years of fishing experience, and local businesses. Who are dedicated to the preservation and promotion of sportfishing on Lake Ontario.

Centrally located, Rochester, has proven to be one of the most consistent and productive year round fisheries on Lake Ontario. Whether you are fishing Lake Ontario, or one of our many tributaries, fishing Rochester is world class action!

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation(DEC) reports that is planning on stocking 3.5 million coho salmon and trout in New York's Lake Ontario in 1998. In addition to this, the DEC plans to stock 1.6 million chinook salmon. Brown trout and lake trout stockings will remain the same. This means 5.1 million salmonids stocked in New York's waters in 2003.

The harvest rate of fish per fishing trip in 2002 was higher than the 1991-96 average for coho, chinook salmon and brown trout. With the harvest rates high and lower angler effort, now is the time to fish Lake Ontario. (Source: NYS DEC)

Taxidermists near by!
The consistent quality and numbers of fish in Monroe County is unsurpassed. More than 5 million trout and salmon are stocked annually in Lake Ontario. The massive stocking program affords sportsmen the opportunity of enjoying outstanding fishing throughout the year. Monroe County offers one of the largest and most modern charter fleets on Lake Ontario. Member captains of the Greater Rochester Sport Fishing Association are all professionals with years of fishing experience, who are dedicated to the preservation and promotion of sportfishing on Lake Ontario.

Superb brown trout, lake trout and steelhead fishing. Natural embayments and stream flow cause waters to warm first along the south shore, and our prevailing west winds provide Monroe County with the earliest spring season on the lake.
Offshore fishing for excellent catches of rainbow, steelhead, salmon, brown trout and lake trout.
August marks the beginning of the most exciting fishing period of the year. Coho and Chinook salmon begin to congregate in shallows near streams and rivers. Excellent salmon fishing at the mouth of the Genesee River, Sandy Creek, Irondequoit Bay and other tributaries.

August-October: Coho and Chinook salmon many up to 30 pounds and some exceeding 40 pounds. Battle with one of these powerful heavyweights- freshwater fishing's greatest challenge.

Our Captains have years of fishing experience on Lake Ontario and its tributaries, some Captains have been fishing the area since they were kids.

Our Captains know the best fishing spots, lake contours, surface temperatures, lure color selections, trolling speeds, and expert rod handling.

Their boats are equipped with the latest electronics available in the industry.

Whether you have a sky-rocketing steelhead on, or a 30lb king salmon ripping all the line, our captains will guide you into landing your trophy catch.