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September 15, 2008

Yum Soft Baits

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YUM Money Craw

A Craw like No Other

For tournament anglers, the YUM Money Craw is like money in the bank! Swimmingly supple, like the Money Minnow, the Money Craw combines the action of a swimbait with the enticing profile of a crawfish.


Plus, every Money Craw is hand painted with crawfish spots and eyes, creating a realism not found in other soft-plastic crawfish imitations. Whether pitched on a Texas rig, swam on a jighead or fished as a trailer behind a BOOYAH Jig, this ultra-natural crawfish absolutely comes to life in the water.


Available in three sizes and seven color schemes, the Money Craw can be used in a huge variety of situations for numerous species.


About  $6.99        479-782-8971



YUM 5 ½” Doozee

Shake that Doozee

A new slightly smaller version of the YUM Doozee was created with Shaky Head fishing in mind. The hollow body makes the bait more buoyant and the tentacles come to life with every jiggle of the rod tip.


Anglers ought not limit their thinking with this little Doozee, though. It’s also very well suited for Drop-shotting, Carolina rigging or dragging along the bottom on a jighead.


The 5½" YUM Doozee comes in 10 colors.


About  $4.49        479-782-8971


YUM Baby Dancin’ Eel

Smaller size – Same Action

Like the original YUM Dancin’ Eel, the Baby Dancin’ Eel combines the wobble of a crankbait with the fluid motion of a soft-plastic lure to form a true best-of-both-worlds lure.


This downsized Dancin’ Eel, which can be fished shallow, deep or in-between, is ideally suited for streams and other settings that call for a slightly smaller offering. The Baby Dancin Eel is 5" long and comes in five colors. 


About  $3.99        479-782-8971



YUM TroutKrilla

New Colors

YUM Bait Co, which revolutionized trout fishing two years ago with the introduction of TroutKrilla, is adding two dynamite colors – Peachy Keen and Peanut Butter – to its spectrum of TroutKrilla Paste offerings.


Peachy Keen offers attention-getting brightness and a suggestion of roe, while Peanut Butter resembles many aquatic insects in nymph stages. 


Highly buoyant, TroutKrilla Paste is designed to suspend in feeding lanes, and only TroutKrilla trout bait is supercharged with real Krill and includes YUM’s exclusive LPT (Live Prey Technology).


About  $5.45        479-782-8971


Bill Dance Hook Remover

Spend More Time Fishing

Want to spend more time fishing and less time trying to pry hooks our of fish’s mouths?  That’s where the Bill Dance Advantage Hook Remover comes into play.


Designed to safely remove worm hooks or treble hooks, this handy tool is designed to be easy to grip and comfortable in the hand. Adding convenience, the Bill Dance Advantage Hook Remover comes with a fishing-line cutter recessed in the handle.


About  $9.99        479-782-8971



YUM Money Minnow

On the Money

This new swimbait from YUM Bait Co. is right on the money! With an ultra-realistic profile, natural wag and super-soft body, the YUM Money Minnow has proven itself irresistible to gamefish of every kind. 


Like a YUM Dinger or Houdini Shad, the Money Minnow is equipped with a hook slot, which allows for efficient hook-sets. As importantly, this distinctive design feature facilitates straight rigging, which is critical to true-running performance in any soft-plastic swimbait.


The Money Minnow swims sweetly, even when reeled at a very slow speed, which can be the key to enticing strikes from heavyweight fish.


The Money Minnow comes in three sizes – 3.5, 5 and 6.5" – and 13 very natural color patterns, providing anglers with the baits they need for everything from tailwater brown trout to reservoir smallies  to stripers along the coast. 


About  $8.99        479-782-8971


YUM Fat Money Minnow

Go for the BIG Money

What do you get when you combine the alluring swimming action of a YUM Money Minnow with an extra thick baitfish profile? The YUM Fat Money Minnow. 


Like the original Money Minnow, this trophy-producing swimbait is super soft and has a hollow body section and tail design that wags like a real baitfish as it swims through the water.


The Fat Money Minnow comes packaged with four nail weights and two 7/O hooks. The Fat Money Minnow’s 11 very natural color patterns include big fish favorites like Rainbow Trout and Herring.


About  $8.99        479-782-8971


YUM Dancin’ Eel

Three new colors

The YUM folks have added three new colors to this  Dancin' Eel family of fish catchers.  With the new colors –Rainbow Trout, Royal Shad and Rayburn Red, the YUM Dancin Eel is a must tool for your tackle box. 


A "best of both worlds" bait, the Dancin' Eel couples the wobble of a crankbait with the free motion only soft plastic lures can provide. Every turn of the reel handle or movement of the rod tip brings this bait to life. This lure measures 6", and has a #4 XCalibur Tx3 in-line hook.


The Dancin' Eel is like two baits in one. It combines the wobble of a crankbait with the kind of free motion only soft-plastic lures can provide.


Designed to sink slowly when not in motion, the Dancin' Eel can be swam close to the surface - to work a flat or counted down and slow rolled over a deep main-lake hump. At any depth, it springs to life with every crank of the reel handle or twitch of the rod tip.


Engineered with a one-piece hard-plastic internal body and paddle, the Dancin' Eel runs true every time. In addition, it comes equipped with a slow-release scent chamber, so it can be loaded with YUM Attractant.


About  $3.99        479-782-8971



YUM Money Minnow Weighted Hook

The Perfect Match

Having been asked repeatedly by anglers about the best hooks for rigging Money Minnows, YUM Bait Co. has released Money Minnow Weighted Hooks


Developed after extensive field testing and input from pro staffers, these hooks are designed specifically to match up with YUM Money Minnows, bringing out the baits’ best swimming action and maximizing hook-up ratios for anglers.


Money Minnow hooks, which are shank weighted, painted white and ultra sharp, currently comes in two sizes.  The smaller 3/O 3/32-ounce hook matches perfectly with a 3.5" Money Minnow. 


A 6/0 ¼-oz hook matches with 5" Money Minnows.


About  $4.99        479-782-8971

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