Salmon Unlimited of Wisconsin

P.O.Box 081333, Racine, WI 53405

Tel: 262-681-8076                          [email protected]

Salmon Unlimited of Wisconsin is a Racine based organization that was formed in 1973 by individuals dedicated to supporting the Lake Michigan fishery.

In 1987, Salmon Unlimited was given the OUTDOOR RESPONSIBILITY AWARD by the Natural Resources Board of Wisconsin and their description of our activities is as follows: “We work with people to conserve Wisconsin’s fisheries and aquatic resources by protecting, maintaining, and enhancing the aquatic environment. We provide for wise public use and encourage scientific management, selective development and public involvement. We lead and help the people of Wisconsin exercise their common responsibility as stewards of these resources and trustees of the future.”

 In 1994, the completion and start up of the Root River Steelhead Facility, which Salmon Unlimited was instrumental in getting the project started after many years of hard work.

Since the founding of Salmon Unlimited, we have advanced into one of Racine’s community service organizations and have contributed over $150,000 to the city, county, and state. These contributions were in the form of fish stocking programs, repair of state hatcheries and biological studies of fish. We have made numerous contributions to the Racine community some of which include, donating handicapped and regular picnic tables and umbrellas for the parks,  funding improvement projects at the Root River Steelhead Facility, funding the River Patrol program, donating numerous books to the public library, repair and equipment for the Racine County Water Patrol. We have a perpetual scholarship program that is given to deserving students that are in the field of natural resources of fishery studies.


For membership information contact:  

Craig Bender - [email protected]  

Jerry Frievalt - [email protected]


Meeting Location:   
                                  5th Street Yacht Club

                                  721 Marquette St.

                                  Racine, WI

We meet second Wednesday of each month


           Regular/Family $35. Annual

           Junior $7.50 Annual


Activities / Projects: 

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