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Charter Captains

Enjoy world-class salmon and trout fishing

Book with our Captains to battle the great fighting Chinook, the acrobatic steelhead and the other salmon and trout in Lake Michigan

*All charter bookings are handled directly by our individual Captains.
*All CSA Captains are licensed by the United States Coast Guard.
*All CSA boats are subject to U.S. Coast Guard and Illinois DNR safety requirements, and have the latest state-of-the-art electronics, fishing, and navigation equipment for your safety, comfort, and sport fishing pleasure.

*Boats are conveniently located in five harbors bordering the Downtown Chicago Area


The Angler
Angler Charters
Capt. Gintas Ancevicius
(708) 738-6155
[email protected]

Capt. Randyís Charter Service
Capt. Randy Schmidt
(312) 718-1995

[email protected]

Confusion Too

Confusion Too Charters

Capt. Robert Poteshman

(888) 929-3474

[email protected]

Endorfins Charters

Capt. John Oberman

[email protected]

Fun Times II

Capt. Alís Charter Boat Fleet
Capt. Al Skalecke

(312) 565-0104

[email protected]

Full Circle

Full Circle Charters
Capt. Dave Fors
(630) 215-8801

[email protected]

Jim's Buoy

Jim's Buoy Charter

Capt. James Krawchuk

(312) 664-9541

[email protected]


Kingfisherman Charters Inc.
Capt. Jamie Kost

King Fisher

King Fisher Charters

Capt. Kevin Bachner

(773) 919-9544

Leprechaun III

Leprechaun Charter Service

Capt. Bill Kelly

(773) 445-6262

Manytimes II

(Licensed to carry 18 passengers)

Capt. Alís Charter Boat Fleet
Capt. Al Skalecke
(312) 565-0104

[email protected]

Salukis Pride

Salukis Pride Sport Fishing

Capt. Ian Stewart

(847) 942-6382

Tracei Ann Charters

Capt. Lon Wachsning

(773) 742-2943

[email protected]



Coho Salmon Chinook Salmon Steelhead Trout


Brown Trout

Lake Trout

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