Western Lake Superior Trolling Association

P.O. Box 7061, Duluth, MN 55807


The creation of the Western Lake Superior Trolling Association was born and fostered by the realization that fishing and water related activities on Lake Superior, are a major part of the family, individuals and communities recreational and social heritage.

Lake Superior's fishery was on the rebound from a devastating invasion and attack by what is called Sea Lamprey. Having no predators in the great lakes, the Sea Lamprey freely roamed the lake, reproducing and destroying fish communities before the realization of their presence was known. Once the presence of Sea Lamprey was discovered, appropriate authorities at many levels of government's in both the United States and Canada took a variety of actions aimed at destroying Sea Lamprey and recovering the devastated fish communities. The actions taken by both countries worked and the recovery was underway. The native fish communities are returning and species introduced for recreational sport fishing are again providing the recreational and social values, so much a heritage to the Lake Superior area communities.

With a strong foundation of heritage and purpose for being, the Western Lake Superior Trolling Association quickly grew in membership and supporters. Concerns on how best to develop, nurture and protect the developing fishery were all high priorities with the people making up the organization. A diverse and healthy fish community became very important and all that encompassed the fishery.


Meeting Location:

                             Duluth Labor Center

                             2002  London Road

                             Duluth, MN

Meeting are held every 3rd Wednesday of the month


           $10.00 Regular
        $  5.00 Fingerling ( 14 & under )
        $25.00 Sponsor




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