Lake Huron Fishing Club


P.O.Box 355

Southampton Ontario NOH2LO                        [email protected]

The Lake Huron Fishing Club is a conservation based Sports Club formed in 1983 by a dedicated group of anglers on the Ontario shore of Lake Huron.

Thousands of hours of volunteer work are completed each year by our Club Members operating two fish hatcheries, stream enhancements, environmental improvements, projects in schools, endeavours to protect the fishing rights of all citizens and assisting government agencies on assessment, enforcement etc.

When we are not working we love to enjoy, promote & share the sport we love.

If you would like to join us as an active and/or supporting member please email us at [email protected] and we will be glad to bring you on board.


The Lake Huron Fishing Club undertakes and supervises a wide variety of Conservation-related projects. In conjunction with other local groups, such as the Cub Scouts, and the Ministry of Natural Resources, our Members have become involved with erosion control, reforestation, stream improvement, restocking and hatchery operations. Underlying our interest in sport fishing is an understanding that we must contribute to the upkeep of our natural resources for the enjoyment of all, and the preservation of the Ontario outdoors for future generations.


Club members also visit schools on a regular basis to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with the young people of our region. It is hoped that by aiding school programs in fostering a respect and interest in maintaining our outdoors, that the resources we now enjoy will be sustained for future generations.


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