Sydenham Sportsmen's Association


Box 264 STN MAIN
Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada N4K 5P3


Tel: 519-376-7177                                                    [email protected]

The Sydenham Sportsmens Association is a 600 member group from Owen Sound, Ontario.

The SSA is also involved in box building and placement for eastern bluebirds, wood ducks, American kestrels, toads and bats. Annually, the SSA stocks more than 500,000 salmonids, including chinook salmon, rainbow and brown trout.


For membership information contact  President: Richard Manley (519) 376-4669 or
Membership: John Ford (519) 372-0410


Activities / Projects: 

  • Association activities include fish stocking, club and public tournaments, stream enhancement work, children's activities and tree planting.


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