Erie Pennsylvania

Sport Fishing Association


P.O.Box 7245

Erie, PA 16511
          814-602-8432       [email protected]



The EPSFA was formed to educate, enhance and protect the sport fishing in Pennsylvania, especially in Lake Erie, Presque Isle Bay and its tributaries.
To that end, we have established goals which we believe will define our organization’s activities by their significant diversity.


For membership information contact Peter Alex [email protected] or call 814-602-8432



Meeting Location:

                             Damon's Restaurant   

                             7165 Peach St.

                             Erie, PA  (meet at room to far left of entrance)


                     $10. Personal Membership

                     $20. Business Member

                     $100. Mfg Membership



  • An annual Pro-Am Fishing Tournament
  • An annual tackle swap
  • Development of a crew program which will match captains and boats with crews without boats
  • Development of a roster of boats and captains to provide free charter services to the “Hunt of a Lifetime” charitable organization and other similar requests
  • Regular meetings and community presentations featuring fishing programming
  • Annual fish testing and reporting using local university biologists and students
  • An annual club tournament and picnic
  • An annual open tournament
  • A very informative and easy to use website which will feature:
    A fishing message board, items for sale, general discussion and information, statistical reporting on fish catches.
    Club support of our fisheries through donations to clubs and organizations that are working to preserve and protect our sport.


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