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For a second time in less then one month an angler fishing Lake Michigan has broken a State Fishing record.

On September 10 Bill and Elaine Clay were fishing in 140 feet of water 90 feet deep on Lake Michigan from the port of Milwaukee, when they hooked into a 26 pound 10 ounce Steelhead.

Wisconsin has a new state record Brown trout! 35 lb 11 -ounce caught by angler Bob Wenker while fishing on Lake Michigan from the port of Algoma.

Ohio Division of Wildlife

Goby Found in Lake Erie's Western Basin

The Ohio Division of Wildlife recently confirmed the first sighting of a round goby, a small exotic fish, in the western basin of Lake Erie. The goby was caught in late June by a shore angler at Lakeside. This is the first confirmed sighting of a round goby in Lake Erie outside the central basin.

In ALPENA, Michigan an angler caught a Ruffe on a night crawler just off the Michigan DNR docks on August 4th. Trawls conducted by the USFWS and NBS up till then had shown no new areas were found to contain Ruffe.


  • Seven MN Chippewa Bands filed a motion for a preliminary injunction providing for the exercise of fishing rights on east-central Minnesota waters while waiting for the case to be tried.
  • Grand Traverse Bay, MI; U.S. District Judge Richard Enslen ruled that the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians may license one fisher to take salmon commercially in Lake Michigan, waters.

  • Michigan Administrative Board approved the recommendation for a contractor, Sault Ste Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians, to harvest and purchase surplus salmon at six state-owned weir sites.


    - Mike Shane, is the new state record holder for rainbow trout . The steelhead was caught on October 2 while fishing in Lake Erie from the east breakwater off Conneaut Harbor in Ashtabula County. The 36 1/2 inch trout weighed 20.97 pounds.

    • plumeIn spring, unseen by those fishing or frolicking on the shores of Lake Michigan, a mysterious phenomenon snakes a narrow, 60-mile-long path along the lake's southwestern shore, eventually turning north and disappearing in spiraling patterns along the eastern shoreline.


      Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt was in Lake Superior country to promote the successful restoration of Lake Trout in Lake Superior. The following one-on-one interview with Secretary Babbitt was taken in Duluth, Minn. by Dan Thomas, President of the Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council.

      Recreational Fishery Resources Conservation Plan.Reprinted Courtesy Fishing Tackle Trade News

      Final Lake Michigan Perch Study Completed

      NO new findings, with a final perch study just completed , Wisconsin DNR found results to be consistent with prior findings. However, WI Commercials now shift the blame to sport anglers claiming protection of alewives for salmon and trout fishery are destroying Perch populations.

      Presently, an emergency order was taken to allow daily bag limits of yellow perch to 5 and postponing the start of the commercial season from September 15 to October 1.., however, new findings may shut down Wisconsin commercial fishing.


      laker An obvious and radical departure from the feds new program to stock larger lake trout of 10-12 to the pound,

      NY Sea Grant recently conducted a study of contaminants in fish tissue and the uptake of PCBs in relation to stocking size. Sea Grant scientists have found that by changing certain fisheries management practices,PCBs can be reduced in fish tissue.


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