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    June 1998

  • 6-15-98- MNR surveys planned for Lake Erie Spring Bass fishing- USFWS concerned about proposed runway impact at wildlife refuge -


  • 5-31-98- Federal Judge orders Tribal Gill Nets pulled- Angling Show Hosts fined for snagging fish... -

  • 5-17-98- OMNR Gets Tough on Fishing Violators- More Funding for Lamprey Conrol -

  • 5-3-98- Public Hearing on Platte River Hatchery- Michigan: New State Record Brown Trout Caught -


  • 2-2-98 - Michigan Grand Traverse Chippewa- Ottawa Tribes loose fishing rights- Dead beat Dads may loose fishing privileges -

  • January

  • 1-26-98 - FWS in search of Blue Pike DNA- Anglers can help! - Minnesota DNR rejects diseased Lake trout -

  • 1-19-98 Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council turns 25 - ANS Task Force Forms Fishing & Boating Committee -GLSFC, BASS and Trout Unlimited to represent fishing.

  • 1-12-98 --Mudpuppies: release them back into the water this ice fishing season - Alewife may not be cause of perch demise in Lake Michigan.

  • 1-5-98 - Warmwater fish hatchery and research station to be erected on the shore of Lake Erie --- Illinois Gill Netters want bigger share of Chub Harvest.

  • 12-29-97 --Catch and Release Fishery proposed for Lake Michigan- New York Charter Captains help protect steelhead from predation of commorants

  • 12-22-97 --MN receives a BIG outdoor gift--- Sportfish Restoration Fund saved at the last minute

  • 12-15-97 --Lake Superior Chinook may be in trouble--- Great Lakes fisheries scientists reject the dioxin theory

  • 12-8-97 --Vital Organisim missing from food chain--- New African Invader at the gates of the Mississippi

  • 12-1-97 -- Ohio Nets one-day Fishing License--- Goby expansion could add to yellow perch problems


  • 11-24-97 Lake Michigan has best fishing in over a decade -- PA & NY Commercial fishers arrested in illegal eel harvest

  • 11-17-97 Massive Fish Kill in Finger Lakes Region-- Lake Ontario record salmon egg collection

  • 11-10-97 Great Lakes Brace for El Nino -- Ruffe populations impact fish communities in Lake Superior

  • 11-3-97 -- PCB and DDT Study shows NO link to breast cancer--- MN Chippewa begin hunting and fishing under new treaty rights

  • 10-27-97 -- PA Considers Year Round Bass Angling, Indiana DNR Snags Poachers On-line!

  • 10-20-97 Threespine Stickleback, a New Threat? -- Cleveland Stadium Goes Fishing

  • 10-13-97 WI Governor Partially Vetos Alewife Amendment-, MN Conservation Groups Propose Brown Trout Regs

  • 10-06-97 41lb Salmon Wins LOC Fall Derby--, Great Lakes State Agencies Share 308 million

  • 9-29-97 Wisconsin Allows Alewife Trawl, Artificial Reef Planned for Chicago

  • 9-22-97 N.Y. DEC tightens snagging regualtion, Province returns Fish Habitat Responsibility

  • 9-15-97 Striped Bass found in Lake Michigan- Homing in on a Salmon's Signature

  • 9-8-97 Judge OKs Indian Commercial fishing in Grand Traverse Bay, Michigan - Restoring Pike with DNA

  • 9-1-97WI DNR asking fishermen to donate organs of STURGEON they catch - Sportman's Bill of Rights Act Introduced

  • 8-25-97 Commorants expand to Central New York Lakes - Big Bass make fatal trip to Mall of America

  • 8-18-97 61lb 8 ounce Lake Superior record lake trout caught by 16 year old, -Brown trout found dead in MN stream

  • 8-11-97 CoastWatch Surface Temperature Maps the Great Lakes - U.S. Senate confirmed Jamie Rappaport Clark as Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife

  • 8-4-97 Angler Reels in a news Wisconsin State record Steelhead- Ontario Natural Resources launched Ontario's first Take A Kid Fishing Week

  • 7-28-97 Partial Funding approved for Sea Lamprey control , Illinois Electronic Barrier gets partial funding

  • 7-21-97 37lb Lake Trout Wins Salmon-a-rama --Lake Sturgeon traveled over 500 miles in 19 years

  • 7-14-97 Menominees may drop Fishing Treaty Rights -US Coast Guard proposed to decommission 12 fog signals and 8 lights located in the Great Lakes region

  • 7-7-97 Lake Michigan Alewife Diet Study Begins- FWS proposing to allow aquaculturists to take cormorants preying on fish stocks

  • 7-1-97 P.A. Bass are Big Business- Michigan Challenges USEPA on Fish Advisories

  • 6-23-97 Lake Ontario and Lake Michigan Brown Trout Records- Michigan's governor has declared "war" on the sea lamprey

  • 6-16-97 Fisheries Chief make lateral transfer- Lake Michigan perch Study Nets No New Results

  • 6-09-97 Historic signing of Fisheries Management Plan - Michigan Anglers asked to help with Steelhead study

  • 6-02-97 LOC Derby winner - Wisconsin Anglers fear Commercial Alewife Harvest by Commercials

  • 5-26-97Illinois/Lake Michigan Brown Trout Record Broken - Ruffe Symposium Fails to show impacts on yellow perch

  • 5-19-97 N.Y. DEC arrests illegal Commercials - Anglers Contribute Millions

  • 5-12-97 Naturally Spawning Chinook Found in East Chicago - Lake Michigan Perch Tagging starts

  • 5-05-07 Court of Appeals limits Ojibwe harvest to ceremonial or religious - Indiana expects Large Alewife Die-Off

  • 4-28-97 Shad Make Historic Passage - N.Y. DEC defers limit changes

  • 4-21-97 St.Jo River boasts record number of Steelhead - N.Y. DEC experimental stocking of 90,000 two-year-old brown trout

  • 4-14-97 Illinois Legislature Rules in Favor of the Resource - Illegal Tagging interfers with Fish Management

  • 4-1-97 Indiana Establishes new Salmon limits - Lake Ontario Salmon Stocking to Increase

  • 3-24-97 Flooding in Ohio may have effected over 200,000 steelhead plants,- IL reverses rule on Commercial Perch Fishing

  • 3-09-97 Minnesota DNR to Implement 15" minimum walleye size limit on Lake Mille Lacs -Mike Staggs appointed as new Wisconsin DNR Fish Chief

  • 3-2-97 Wisconsin Sea Grant releases Dioxin Study, confusing the issue of natural reproduction - NY DEC proposes new fish limits for New York State Lake Ontario and Erie waters



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