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Fishing in Minnesota This page will provide you with fishing information on Minnesota Great Lake Superior , and tributary waters, use the image map at the top of the page for most current fishing reports, surface temperature maps, wind and weather. Help out other anglers, post a fishing report today! Looking for an Outdoor Show? We've assembled a new list!

Fishing Reports

MN Fishing reports from Fish and Game Finder map


Angler Report Pages

+ MN Fish Tails
+ Brainerd Dispatch News
+ Mille Lac Reports
+ Trib Outdoors
+ Bob Mitchell's Stream Reports
+ Star Tribune on-line
+ Superior-Lite Fishing Report Chris
Streams & Stocking
+Current Stream Flow Water Conditions
+ Lake Superior and Tribs Seasons
+ Stream Trout Inland
+ MN Fish Stocking Reports- Not Available

License, Regs & Recs

+ Fishing License
+Fishing Regulations
+ DNR License Bureau Calendar
+ MN Record fish

State Division Contacts

+Minnesota DNR
+ Minnesota Governor's Office
+ Minnesota Sea Grant Home Page
+ USGS MN office
+ Minnesota Army Corps Projects
+ MN Indian Affairs Office

Maps & Public Access

+ Lake Finder
+ AAA locations in Minnesota
+ Minnesota Map
+ Blast a Map allows you to e-mail a map of an area , great for telling friends about fishing hot spots directions (need zip code)!
+ Road Atlas
+ Great Lakes Bathymetry Maps
+ Underwater Technologies Lake Maps $
+ MN DNR Map Center

+ Fish Consumption Advisory

For more information about Minnesota

Reports,Photos & links

+ Minnesota Anglers Home Pages

+ Anglers Comments-
  Post your fishing reports!

Charter Associations

Fish Identification

+ Fish of Lake Superior
+ Trout and Salmon ID
+ MN DNR Fish ID
Museum of Natural History - Fishes

Lake Conditions

Coast Watch Surface Temp Maps New and more detailed!

+NOAA Coast Watch Surface Temp Maps

+ Great Lakes Ice Conditions ( This is a gopher system, select a current date.)

+Daily Weather Report

+ Satellite image; updated hourly

+ Interactive Marine Observations this is java script, click on the Great Lakes

+ Open Waters Forecasts (waters beyond 5 nautical miles of shore)

or Lake Superior

How to Do it!

Tourism in Minnesota

+ City Net Minnesota
+ MN State Parks Page
+ Explore Minnesota
+ Visit Superior
+ MN Searchable "Where to Stay" Directory
+ Searchable Parks Directory by the L.L. Bean Company
+ Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

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