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Lure for a cure - Anglers Against Cancer

Anglers, Cancer research benefit from newly designed lures

   A specially designed lure kit making its debut this summer is designed both to create fishing success and success in generating money toward finding a cure for cancer. The industry’s oldest lure company, Heddon Lures, has teamed up with Pro Angler Terry Segraves and Florida's Kissimmee-St. Cloud Convention and Visitors Bureau to create this uniquely designed, special edition "Lure for a Cure" kit. 


   The result of the combined efforts of Heddon and the Kissimmee-St. Cloud CVB, the Lure for A Cure kit is also promoted and endorsed by three top professional bass anglers.


   Kissimmee-St. Cloud pro Terry Segraves, one of the driving forces behind Lure for a Cure, has enlisted the support of Tim Horton and Sam Swett to offer anglers three new lure colors as part of the specially designed fund-raising kit.


   The new kits will be available for purchase beginning this summer on www.lurenet.com  as well as national retail outlets, and proceeds from each lure kit will go to fund cancer research. The industry's oldest lure manufacturer, Heddon Lures chose the Super Spook, Jr. to be the Lure For A Cure because it is the hottest topwater lure on the professional bass tournament circuit.  Popular from coast to coast, the Super Spook, Jr. is said to reel in everything from bass to redfish to pike. A smaller version of the venerable Zara Spook, the Super Spook, Jr. measures 3½" and weighs ½ oz. Just like its big brother, the Super Spook, Jr. casts well and is best used with a "walk-the-dog" retrieve.


   Segraves, Horton and Swett are featured on the cover of

the kit promoting the new lure colors designed by each of them. Segraves touts the "Toho Gold." while Horton and Swett offer anglers the chance to try out the "Yellowtail Shad" or "Red Sled" respectively.


   The concept for Lure for a Cure is a by-product of the success of the Angling Against Cancer Benefit Dinner and Tournament staged annually by the Kissimmee-St. Cloud CVB and Segraves. Since its inception four years ago, Angling Against Cancer has been warmly supported by volunteer pros such as Horton and Swett.


   Heddon, noting the aggressiveness of Segraves and the Kissimmee-St. Cloud CVB to support finding a cure for cancer, took on the lead role in designing the kit.


   The Angling Against Cancer Benefit Dinner and Tournament is part of Kissimmee-St. Cloud's Anglers Challenge, a unique set of events showcasing fishing and the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes. As the Anglers Challenge concludes each year, Angling Against Cancer participants are center stage to the more than 20,000 fans attending the community's AquaMania festival and celebration of the area's lakes and natural resources. The event, which celebrates Kissimmee-St. Cloud's environmental treasures, draws more than 20,000 visitors over a two-day period and is highlighted with a free concert by a nationally recognized recording artist.


   The Kissimmee-St. Cloud area is a natural to support the fishing industry because of its abundance of world-class bass fishing waters. Home to world famous Lake Toho and the Kissimmee chain of Lakes, Kissimmee-St. Cloud attracts the best fishermen in the world. Even if the big one gets away, vacationing fishermen can still catch a thrill at the popular theme parks and attractions that are just around the corner.


For more information on the Lure for a Cure Kit, log onto www.lurenet.com. For more information on Kissimmee-St. Cloud or becoming involved in this year's Anglers Challenge events, visit www.floridakiss.com

Booyah Bait Company Snags Bill Dance

FORT SMITH, Ark. (June 24) – BOOYAH! You can say it loud, say it proud and soon you’ll be able to say it along with Bill Dance.  Dance, fishing’s most renowned and revered television personality, has announced an affiliation with BOOYAH Bait Company.


   BOOYAH Bait Company, maker of premium jigs, spinnerbaits and buzzbaits, is a newly launched brand from PRADCO-Fishing. Dance, who has had an eight-year relationship with PRADCO-Fishing, said the addition of BOOYAH Bait Company to the PRADCO-Fishing stable of brands gives him every fishing product he needs to be successful on the water.


   "We at 'Bill Dance Outdoors' have been fortunate to associate ourselves with the leaders in the industry, and PRADCO-Fishing is right at the top," Dance said. "They are fishermen and they understand fishermen’s needs. They know the industry. They are the kind of people to tell you that if a flea can pull a plow, you better hitch him up. Those are the kind of people that 'Bill Dance Outdoors' is very pleased to be associated with."


   Andy Carroll, brand manager for BOOYAH Bait Company, said he has only one response when he thinks of the new addition to "Bill Dance Outdoors" … BOOYAH!


   "BOOYAH Bait Company is very pleased to have Bill Dance representing its product," Carroll said. "We feel the

marriage between our brand of premium spinnerbaits, jigs and buzzbaits and the preeminent personality in fishing will give our consumer an immediate insight into the quality of product that we are bringing to market."


   Dance said that BOOYAH Bait Company has the finest spinnerbaits, jigs and buzzbaits available to anglers. BOOYAH spinnerbaits, jigs and buzzbaits feature ultra-fine silicone skirts, exclusive skirt color formulations, jeweler’s grade blades, multiple blade combinations and colors, three jig head types, a multitude of weights and styles, premium Mustad hooks and hard coat paint finishes.


   Dance said these features, when combined with a "can’t get it out of your head" name and appealing packaging, will soon make BOOYAH a household name among fishermen.


   "It has great eye-catching marketing appeal," Dance said. "It has great eye-catching appeal to the angler, but most importantly it does to the fish as well. BOOYAH baits are the best on the market because they have unique high-end skirts, quality hooks and top of the line components that are going to make it a must for every angler’s tackle box."


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