August 4 , 2003

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Zebco® Gives A New Look To An Old Friend

The Zebco 33®, ever since first introduced in 1954, has been directly responsible for the love affair millions of Americans have with fishing. Proof is in the fact that more than 40 million 33s have been sold since that time.


Well, new for 2004 is a reinvented Zebco 33 that is sure to reinvent fishing just like it did 50 years ago. And although its new looks are stunning, its makeover is more than skin deep.


Along with the one-piece body come an ergonomic thumb button, soft-touch handle knobs and nickel-plated corrosion resistant drag wheel and screw. The spinnerhead has been redesigned to enhance positive line pickup with a dual pin system.


Going deeper into its guts reveals a thrust load bearing, tuned gear train, electro-tuned rounded crown gears and a

3CAM triple drag system.  An Auto Bait Alert™ provides audible notice of strikes when engaged. Its selectable anti-reverse provides positive hooksets. Cranking is interchangeable to right or left hand. And line capacity has been increased by 45 yards, now it can hold 130 yds of 10 lb. test line.


The 33 has a low-seating profile for user comfort. And it's still the best fishing reel value on the market, retailing for about $14.99. That's less than the $19.50 price tag that the original 33 carried back in '54.


The reinvented Zebco 33 anchors a complete line of redesigned spincast reels, with everyone one of them being an equally impressive part of the new Zebco Authentic Metal family - also including the 11 Micro™, 11 T Micro™, 33T  (triggerspin) and 733 Hawg®. See more below.


918-743-8822 (toll free)

Zebco 33®  Platinum

Bringing Back the All-Metal 33

As if the words "all-metal" weren't descriptive enough to separate the top of the line model 33 from other family members, Zebco added the term "Platinum" to make sure it gets proper recognition for being in a league of its own.


The Zebco 33® Platinum is the first all-metal 33 in over 30 years. But it's not just about its metal. . . it's more about its mettle. With a precision-machined metal body, four ball-bearing drive system and Continuous Anti-Reverse™, the 33 Platinum is the highest performing, most durable 33 of all time.


An integrated front cover lock keeps the stainless steel cover in place. Ceramic dual pickup pins and line guide

afford smooth line flow for long casts and positive line pickup during retrieve. Gear ratio is 3.4:1 and the reel has a capacity of 130 yards of 10 lb. test line.


The dual handle with soft-touch rubber knobs is interchangeable for right or left hand cranking. A dual-durometer, soft thumb button makes for comfortable line release and casting.


The 33 Platinum reel sells for around $24.99.


The 33 Platinum is also available in combo with a one-piece, 6 ft medium-action graphite rod with cork handle. The combo retails for about $39.99.


918-743-8822 (toll free)

Zebco 33®  Gold

The Zebco 33® Gold is basically the same as the Zebco 33, but with two more bearings and Continuous Anti-Reverse.

The Zebco 33® Gold sells for about $19.99

918-743-8822 (toll free) 

About Zebco

Zero Hour Bomb Company seems a rather unlikely start for a business that today is one of the largest fishing tackle companies in the world. But it's true, it was electric time-bombs for oil well drilling, not fishing products being made by the Tulsa company in the late 1940's.


That's when R.D. Hull, a West Texas watchmaker came knocking on their door for a job. However, instead of a resume, he carried a strange-looking contraption that was little more than a tin can with a hole in both ends. He said it was a concept for a new fishing reel that "wouldn't backlash."

Hull explained that fishermen were tired of the backlash problems common to baitcast reels of the time. His idea featured a fixed spool instead of a revolving one, a brainstorm that came one day while watching a clerk pull string from a stationary spool to wrap a package of meat. Company officials liked what they saw and agreed to make Hull's reel.


On a June day in 1945, 25 hand-made Zebco Standards rolled off the first day's production line. R.D. Hull and this new reel called a Zebco, a name derived from Zero Hour Bomb Company, were about to change forever the way that people fished. The rest, as they say, is history.

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