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The activities of the Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council are supervised by a 14-member Board of Directors
 They are listed below.

Daniel N. Thomas (President, GLSFC, 1989-04) - Secretary, 1987-88; Secretary/Treasurer, 1972-75; Secretary, Salmon Unlimited, Inc, 1983-84, 1971-75; Director, Lake Michigan Federation 1994 -'00; active member, Outdoor Writers Association of America, Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers, South East Outdoor Press Association; member, Ruffe Control Committee, Great Lake Panel on Exotics, ANS Task Force's Recreational Activities Committee; President (retired), Reliant Builders. See Also Biography.
Robert I. Mitchell, II (Vice President, GLSFC, 1998-04) Director, Detroit Area Steelheaders (DAS) 1979-00; President, DAS, 1985-86; Vice President, DAS, 1984; Executive Vice President, Communications Director, Campbell Ewald Advertising, Warren, Mich.
Michael D. Sanger (Secretary, GLSFC 2002-'04) Wisconsin State Director 1995 �'02, Vice President, Wisconsin Federation of Great Lakes Sport Fishermen (GLSF) 1996-97; President, Wis. GLSF 1993-95; Director, Lakeridge Boat Club 1991-93; President, Citizen's Alliance for Resource Equity, Inc., 1996 - present. Attorney at Law and Principal, Sanger and Sanger, Limited.
Thomas G. Couston, DDS (Treasurer, GLSFC, 1996-04) -GLSFC delegate representing Illinois Steelheaders, 1994-98; GLSFC Finance Committee, 1996-02; Vice President, Illinois Steelheaders 1986-90; Director, Salmon Unlimited, 1986-90; member, Illinois Steelheaders, Michigan Steelheaders, Indiana Steelheaders, Salmon Unlimited. Member, American Dental Association, Dentist and President, Schoolhouse Square Dental P.C.
Michael E. Caplis, Ph.D (GLSFC Science Advisor, At Large 1993 to present) C member, Michigan City Charter Boat Association; US Coast Guard licensed charter captain; Adjunct Professor, Indiana University School of Medicine�Clinical Biochemistry and Toxicology; Founder and Director, Great Lakes Laboratories, toxicologist.
Ronald Dubsky (Michigan Director, GLSFC 1999-04) - Secretary-Treasurer, Western Basin Charter Boat Association, 1990-00; Secretary, Michigan Charter Boat Association, 1995-present; MI DNR advisory board for Lakes Erie & St Clair; Court Officer, 21 years, retired. Owner-operator, Ice Breaker II Charters; US Coast Guard licensed charter captain.
Edward Kissell (Pennsylvania Director, 1998-04) � Vice President, S.O.N.S. of Lake Erie 1990-99, President, 1985-89, Director, 1983-84; Advisor, PA Sea Grant Program; member, Coastal Zone Management Committee; member, City of Erie, PA Transportation Committee; member, Erie County Environmental Coalition; member, Elk County Sportsman's Club. Owner/operator, Anderson Vacuum Sales & Service.
David Koneczny (Minnesota Director, GLSFC 1998-04) � U.S. Advisor to Great Lakes Fishery Commission, 1994-00; President, Western Lake Superior Trolling Association (WLSTA) 1990 - present; Director and chair WLSTA, 1986-90; President, Superior Charter Dock Captains Association 1996-present; VP, Minnesota Sportfishing Congress 1996 to present; VP, North Shore Charter Captains Association 1997 - present; member, MNDNR Trout & Salmon Stamp Oversight Committee; Delegate, member, MNDNR annual fishing roundtable. Owner/Operator KDK Charter Service, US Coast Guard licensed charter captain.
Jay Levy, (New York Director, GLSFC 2002-'04) �President, Lake Ontario Charter Boat Association, 2000-'04; LOCBA director, 1998-'02; LOCBA member, 1980-present;  Owner-operator,  Omega II charter Service; US Coast Guard licensed charter captain, elected or appointed to various positions at community and State level.
John Massard (Illinois Director, 1999-04) � President, Salmon Sport Fishing Club 1994-00; Director, Salmon Unlimited, Inc., 1982-85; Past president and officer, Illinois Health Care Association, 1978-88; Owner/Administrator, Elmhurst Extended Care Center 1968 to present.
Tom Mayher (Ohio Director, GLSFC 1999-04) � Founder & chairman, North Coast Sport Fishing Council, 1996 � present; associate member, Lake Erie Charter Boat Association; member-Cleveland Fishing Association, Cleveland West Side Walleye Association, Lake Erie Sportfishing Federation. Experimental Metal model fabricator, NASA, 33 years, retired.
Louis Kowieski, (Wisconsin Director, GLSFC 2002-'04) - President, Wisconsin Federation of Great Lakes Sport Fishing Clubs (WFGLSF), 2002 -'04; WFGLSF Secretary 2000-'02; WFGLSF delegate, 1988-present; Delegate, Wisconsin  Conservation Congress (WCC), 1988-'98; WCC Executive Committee, 1990-'98; Director, Milwaukee Great Lakes Sport Fishermen (GLSF), 1988-'04; member, GLSF 1978-present. 

Mike Schoonveld - (Indiana Director, GLSFC 2001-'04) - President Indiana's North Coast Charter Association - '99-01; active member: Outdoor Writers Association of America, Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers; Staff Biologist, Indiana DNR, Lake Michigan program; USCG and Indiana licensed Charter Captain; owner - operator, Brother Nature Fishing Adventures Charters;

Darrell Choronzey, Ontario Director,(GLSFC 2002 � '04) - An avid, advocate, and active outdoor writer, author and radio/TV personality. Published and edited the popular "Ontario Fisherman Magazine" for 15 years; presently is executive producer/hosts the "Going Fishing" Television Series; an active member of Canadian Outdoor Writer Association and Outdoor Writers Association of  America.  Ph 519-371-1916

Fax 519-371-1828  [email protected]

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